Let Your Camera Help You and Keep You Safe

When you are parked on the side of a busy roadway following an auto accident, it is not an ideal or even a pleasant place to be trying to hand write or copy down the other person’s insurance and contact information.  So, do yourself a favor; pull out your camera phone and simply take a clear photo of the other person’s ID card and insurance card.  

Taking a photo of the cards avoids the delay and risk of remaining on the side of the road to copy down information, while eliminating the risk of transposing any numbers or letters you are writing down.  The caveat here is that the photo(s) must be clear.  

But, do yourself a favor and at least try to take the photo, and save yourself the writer’s cramp from copying the information.  If there is a witness to your accident, get their contact information as well and save that to your phone.  Save the witness as a contact in your phone and take a photo of them or their ID.  Perhaps even ask them to record a video statement of what they saw happen onto your phone.Don’t forget to save your photos and videos to your computer/cloud storage to make sure you have them if you lose/damage your phone.